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Mission Proclamation

Misteriosa India is specialized in all types of travel & leisure services. We have an honest goal or offering the most suitable and affordable tour packages to our clients. This makes us the most accepted and reliable company in the North of India. Our people are dedicated to offer every service with precision and a broader perspective which helps us to be worthy of our client’s faith.  We always aim to search for the most energetic and pleasant destinations for tourists across the world at the same time we study every aspect of our established tours to make them more commendable.
 Misteriosa India was founded in the year 2014 by Yugraj Mewara (a Travel & Hospitality business expert) and Amit K Singh (a Marketing & Client Service expert). They started the company as a mark of respect to the illustrious history of India and its heritage. Yugraj and Amit have an interminable passion of traveling to places that are famous for their inheritance. Their endeavor is to promote the famous Indian tradition and its legacy in different parts of the world. Jaipur and Udaipur are the flagship destinations of Misteriosa India and they want the world to see it.


Company Profile

After the commencement of Misteriosa India in the year 2014, company has organized plenty of tours in the North and South of India with more than 300 travelers. Although the company has improved its services to a greater extent ever since it has emerged but now the company is on the verge of a significant expansion that will establish their presence most of the European countries. Since the emergence of Misteriosa India we have been sending travelers to more new and famous destinations . The most popular tours that we have organized were of Jaipur, Udaipur, Haridwar, Hrishikesh and Kashmir. All of them have been of great success and helped us to gain popularity and recognition. Now we organize tours to all places in India, ranging from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Our offices are situated in New Delhi and Jaipur the famous Pink City of Rajasthan. We have numerous partners and business affiliates in India and Europe that form a strong network of hassle free travel service and leisure activities business. Our partners and business affiliates represent us in all forms of hospitality and tourism services whether hotel booking or flight reservation, train travel or car/automobile hire. We have experienced and well trained staff that is always excited to cater quality service to all our clients. In addition of being devoted to our clients comfort our staff is well acquainted with all the latest technologies that are presently being used or are relevant to the industry. Our preference is always best people who can lead tours to any part of India, we choose them wisely and then assigned them to destinations they are completely known of. We keep an eye on the latest trends in international travel, and do our best to cater to market needs.Our motto, which is included in our mission statement, has always been "quality affordable tours" and our aim is being met, as can be evidenced by the positive feedback we receive from our clients. Misteriosa India always organizes all tours with high spirit, true essence and experienced tour operators for famous tourist destinations. We have now started organizing our own tours and we constantly search for good offers with different airlines, cruise liners, hotels, cars and coach companies. We furthermore offer our services to people traveling for the purpose of leisure or business and we offer great deals to people planning for honeymoon trip as we are highly efficient of helping soon-to-be-wed couples to organize their dream honeymoon trip to any part of India. You can choose any suitable service from our wide range offers that are Flights, accommodation, car hire, trains, football and concert and theatre tickets. Our company has become one of the busiest and widely known travel agency in North of India offering affordable travel packages and quality customer service to clients. So whether you are a travel or an agent, we provide the most prominent internet platform to search and book hotels, trains, buses, flights, cruises and all types of holiday rentals properties. Misteriosa India is one of the top outgoing travel enterprises in India. All companies that are associated with us counts Misteriosa India as their number one partner in the Indian travel business, in all types of industry services.We specialize in outgoing and incoming tours together with ensuring the requirements of individual travelers are met. We are proud to form part of the main tour and individual travel operators in Malta. No other company in the industry can match our standards of customer service and we pride ourselves to be one of the most highly recognized travel companies in North India. Our team of tour leader/managers and office staff is exceptionally responsive and dedicated towards our client's satisfaction. We have a staff of multilingual employees who always offer or suggest the best available deal.